Auto Electrical Shop: Maintenance Services You Should Look For

November 4, 2019

Electronics are an integral part of any automobile. These days you won’t be able to find a car that works without a functioning electrical system. Without one, your car will probably not start properly, break down shortly after, or could cause functions such as your radio to stop working. These are all potential sources of frustration that can be avoided by going to your local auto electrical shop and having your car electrical systems checked and maintained.

However, not all car repair shops offer the same kind of service. Some may lack a number of crucial processes that can leave your car vulnerable to the many problems associated with a faulty system. That being said, it is important for you to know what kind of general services you are looking for when you make that trip to your preferred establishment. From your alternator to your starter and battery, all bases must be covered to ensure a fully functioning electrical system that will not let you down. 

Save yourself from a potential headache, or worse, a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere. Here are some maintenance services that you should add to your electrical maintenance checklist. 

Free Checks and Diagnosis

All maintenance endeavors must start with a check or a diagnosis. How else can you know what needs repairing or maintaining in your vehicle? Keep the word ‘free’ in mind because free checks are almost an industry-standard practice. However, not all establishments offer the same level of cost-free vehicle examination and some may check more parts of your car than others. 

Be on the lookout for car electrical shops that have a long list of free checks being offered. This can mean more savings for you that can be invested in more important parts of the process such as replacement parts and actual repair fees. Also, try to be mindful of how thorough the inspection is being done. Inexperienced mechanics and electricians may overlook some parts of your vehicle which can lead to a less-accurate diagnosis. This often leads to multiple visits to their shop and more precious time taken from you. 


Before going into any technical replacements and repairs, cleaning is a process that helps improve your car’s overall life and longevity. This does not only apply to the electrical side but also the physical side of things as car wash shops are as common to see as auto electrical shops. 

Just as you are meticulous about the cleanliness and detailing of your automobile’s outer appearance, your car electronics need equal amounts of attention as well. Dirt, rust, and other forms of buildup can and, almost always, will form on the inner wiring of your vehicle. The degree of how much will depend on how frequently you use it and the kind of environment your car is in. For example, air conditioning is vulnerable to dust buildup. If not cleaned properly, it could spread dust particles inside the car when in-use and irritate the people inside. 

The best auto electrical shops know that dirt will negatively affect the electrical components of your vehicle and consequently, the user. This is why cleaning services are a must and are standard in the most basic maintenance procedures.

Battery Replacement

Battery check-ups and replacement should be part of any maintenance routine as the battery is integral to many different car processes. From starting the vehicle to supplying its entire electric current, a faulty or old battery will result in your automobile not working properly.

While there are shops that are geared primarily for replacing car batteries, an ideal automotive repair and electrical shop should also be prepared. Aside from that, the best car battery brands should also be available because that ensures peak performance for your vehicle. One of the best feelings is when you bring a car into a given repair shop without having to move elsewhere for any other service that may be required.

Combination Switch Repair

The combination switch is one of the most frequently serviced parts of an automobile. If you are not familiar with what a combination switch is, it is the apparatus that is attached to the steering column, particularly on the sides. The combination switch is used to control your signal lights, headlights, windshield wiper, and more, depending on the model of your car. 

Because of its many functions and frequent use, it is more prone to wear and tear than the other parts of your car. From worn-out circuitry and wiring to a physically broken or stuck handle, there are many problems a combination switch can face. Having said that, repairing a faulty combination switch is important for you and other people’s safety, especially at night or in harsh driving conditions.

Since this is one of the most basic car repairs, experienced and reputable auto electrical shops should have this covered with little to no problem. They should also have the appropriate replacements for any broken mechanical parts of the combination switch. 

Radio Repair

For most people, driving without a functioning radio can be a chore. There are so many sources of stress and frustration on the road such as traffic, stubborn motorists, flooding — the list goes on and on.  Listening to your favorite tune or radio talk show can be the only thing that makes all of it bearable. This is why having your radio in good working condition is important. 

The best auto electrical shops recognize this and often go beyond what is needed when it comes to radio repair and maintenance. They can make sure that all your radio’s functions are working and that your car’s sound system sounds appropriate. A thorough job is necessary to ensure the best driving experience for you.

Alternator Repair

Asian woman using mobile phone while looking and Stressed man sitting after a car breakdown on street

The alternator is one of the lesser-known electrical parts of a car, but it is one of the most important as well. It generates electricity through magnetic and kinetic energy generated by your vehicle. In conjunction with the battery, they keep your electrical system going while conserving your battery’s energy. Due to this function, a faulty alternator may be hard to detect. Your car can start normally and run for an extended period of time before any noticeable effects. 

If not properly repaired or replaced, your vehicle will perform erratically, eventually leading to a discharged battery. It’s at this point where your vehicle will stop working altogether. This is why it is important that your preferred auto electrical shop is experienced with alternator repair and maintenance. They will be able to detect if your vehicle’s alternator needs replacing. Remember, a broken alternator will lead to a worn-out battery and that means more expenses for you in the long run. 

ECU Check-up and Maintenance

Repair service car Auto mechanic working in garage car mechanic with wrench in garage

The ECU or electrical control unit can be considered your vehicle’s ‘brain’. It controls the important systems and subsystems in your vehicle’s engine. If a personal computer has a CPU, your car has an ECU. In modern cars with electronic automatic transmissions, the ECU works with your car’s TCU or transmission control unit. Together, they control automated functions such as gear-switching, fuel economy, and emission control. 

The importance of the vehicle’s electrical control unit cannot be understated because a faulty ECU will leave your car useless. This is especially the case with modern automobile models that rely more on electrical or electronic systems. This can be the biggest dealbreaker when it comes to looking for an ideal auto electrical shop for your vehicle. It is imperative that electricians and mechanics are up to date with current systems. 

It is also a huge plus if you can find an establishment with available software updates for digital dashboards. This will certainly improve your vehicle’s performance beyond what was intended by the automaker. Choose the best auto service center in the Philippines, choose All Fast Cars.

Keep Your Car’s Electrical Systems in Excellent Condition with All Fast Cars

Now you have a more comprehensive checklist regarding the important electrical services for your vehicle. Be more confident in choosing an ideal establishment for all your maintenance and repair needs. One such establishment is All Fast Cars — an automobile sales and service corporation located in Presidents Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City.

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Are you looking for a reputable car repair shop that is responsive, pays attention to detail, and employs best practices? All Fast Cars can definitely be the one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs. When it comes to your vehicles, preventive measures are always better than corrective measures.

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