Maintenance Tips For Your Car’s Aircon

December 24, 2019

How can you maintain your car’s aircon?

  1. Use it regularly
  2. Keep the windows closed while in use
  3. Clean your car’s aircon thoroughly
  4. Have your car’s aircon system serviced every two years


When it comes to car maintenance, the aircon is usually one of the last things someone gets concerned about and it’s not surprising. Car air conditioning units are robust and aren’t the most prone to damage. On top of that, when they do get damaged you’ll immediately notice if something is off if judging by the temperature of the air you’re feeling.

Having said all that, you should remember that aircon maintenance is also important if you want to keep your car running in tip-top shape. Continue reading if you don’t know what specific things you should be doing to help maintain your car’s aircon.


Use it regularly

Woman hand turning on car air conditioning system

One of the best things you can do to keep your car’s aircon running smoothly is to use it regularly. You probably don’t have any problem doing this given how hot the days are becoming, but you should still try your best to use it even if the weather is cool.

If you rarely use your car then the next best thing to do is to turn it on for about 10 minutes once per week. Use the highest fan option available and keep it on the coldest setting. Using your aircon regularly will help maintain the gas pressure and compressor of your air conditioning unit. If your car’s aircon unit has a defrost option, run it for about 10 minutes as well to prevent mildew and other odors from building up. This also clears any excess moisture in the system


Keep the windows closed while in use

There can be moments where you will be tempted to open your car’s window while you’re driving with the aircon on. However, you would do well to know that doing that is needlessly wasting your coolant and fuel. If you didn’t know how an aircon works, they suck the hot air in your vehicle through the evaporator and make it colder by letting it cycle through the different parts of the aircon unit. Coolant is used in this process as the main substance that helps cool the air down. While that might be an oversimplified explanation, it still shows why opening your car’s window is bad.

All the hot air coming from the outside will make your aircon work in a less-efficient manner. Every time you open your window while the aircon is running, you are forcing it to work harder, and use more coolant and fuel for little-to-no effect. The more coolant and fuel are used, the faster it will deplete. This means more costs for you in the long run.


Clean your car’s aircon thoroughly

dirty car air filter

Cleanliness goes hand-in-hand with maintenance. This is an unwritten rule when it comes to cars or any other machine that needs maintenance. As such, it should also apply to your car’s aircon unit. You should clean it properly and thoroughly, hitting all the internal and external components.

Clean the air filter and make sure no dirt or debris is blocking the air passages. It may need to be cleaned with water if the accumulation of dirt is too much. If you think cleaning will only result in marginal returns then don’t be afraid to replace it for a newer one because there are different air filter options you can choose from that can do a better job.

As for the exterior grills under the windshield or on the front bumper, remove anything that may be blocking them such as dried leaves. This also prevents them from getting sucked into the air conditioning system and clogging it. Also, open the hood and clean the condenser as well. By doing all of this, you’ll be able to ensure peak performance from your AC unit while keeping the air clean.


Have your car’s aircon system serviced every two years

To keep your car aircon fully maintained, you should take it to your local shop for servicing every 2 years. That is because your AC’s system needs to get a check-up, tune-up, and it also needs to be ‘recharged’. Recharging is simply replacing and topping off on coolant.

By letting professionals service your air conditioning unit, they will be able to handle all the other maintenance work that needs doing on top of checking for any defects and broken parts.


Key Takeaway

Now that you know some methods of aircon maintenance, you are well on your way to becoming a better car owner. Don’t neglect the air conditioner just because it almost always functions properly. Follow all the tips mentioned above and make sure to choose a reliable auto shop like All Fast Cars for all your maintenance needs.

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